Coordonator: Italia

Parteneri: Italia, Grecia, România, Franța, Turcia, Albania, Germania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Belgia, Portugalia, Spania, Iordania

Obiective: Exchange of correspondence / letters

• Present yourself by describing yourself and your context

• Promote the pleasure of writing / reading in the other language

• To use the language skills acquired in real communication, verifying one’s own skills through feedback.

• Develop written production by creating a postcard

• Promote one’s own language and culture, and enhance it as a fully-fledged communication language at European level

• Encourage the exchange of ideas between readers of different ages and cultures

• Know the other culture

• Encourage relationships between schools in different cycles of study

• Encourage collaboration between classes where different languages are studied

• Network teachers working in Italian state schools in Italy and abroad, or in Italian sections of International Schools or Foreign Schools and European Schools

• Share educational experiences and / or good professional practices