Coordonator: Romania

Parteneri: Republica Moldova, Bosnia-Herțegovina, Italia, Turcia, Albania, Armenia

Obiective: Cultural awareness and expression:

Children will have the chance to get acquainted with the diversity of European cultures, to develop positive values and attitudes;

  • Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship:
    The children will be divided into teams and will undertake field research, in the localities where they live, in the neighboring or close relatives, will conduct interviews, photos, recordings, will make personal creations, will organize Easter decoration fairs, with purposes philanthropic.
  • Communication in the mother tongue and in a foreign language:
    Participants will improve their language skills by communicating in the activities.
  • Digital competences:
    Students will present the results of research and personal creations in applications such as: storyjumper, bookcreator, I am a puzzle, jigsawpuzzle, learningapps, wordwall, thiglink, etc.

Social and civic competences:
Children will learn correct social and civic behaviors by participating in religious and cultural activities and event